Zoom Classes


Daal and Naan Bread £15 per person – Easy, comforting red lentils with a tasty naan bread to dip into it. Great for lunch or dinner

Vegetable curry and Punjabi Roti £20 per person – A classic Punjabi dish using a seasonal vegetable to be scooped up with a traditional tawa roti

Shole and Chawal £25 per person – Chickpeas in a mouth watering thick tomato and onion sauce that will enable you to create many more dishes


Paneer and Peas with Punjabi Roti £15 per person – A quick and simple dish made using ready made paneer

Kurri and Chawal £25 per person – A delicious thick and creamy curry using chickpea flour and yoghurt


Face to Face Classes

Group classes  £45 per person (maximum of 4 people)

One to one classes £120 per person

In the face to face classes you will cook 2 curries and a bread

Gift vouchers are available for all types of class